Welcome to our movement.

We believe that...

The path to mental wellbeing begins when you stop pretending everything's fine.

Our mission is to...

Lead a cultural movement of emotional authenticity.

Our vision is a world where...

Saying "I'm not ok" is a sign of strength.

We are for...

People suffering in silence with mental health issues like anxiety & depression.

Who we are...

Heart On My Sleeve is a not-for-profit charity, focussed on positive behaviour change.

We are about...

Empowering people to speak up when they're struggling and be real about how they feel.

What we do...

Create educational content, drive community campaigns, facilitate inspiring stories, and host sharing circles.

Our ultimate goal is...

To eradicate shame & loneliness associated with mental health, boost human connectivity rates, and reduce suicide globally.

Thank you to our partners that make this movement possible

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Actor & TV Personality

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Member of parliament

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