Speak up

"I'm not ok"

The three strongest words you can say.

Find the courage to voice your pain.

Speak up and be REAL with Heart on my sleeve

Free groups circles

Free groups circles

"I'm not ok"

Three incredibly confronting words until you learn to be REAL

Release the shame

Shame traps us in suffering by thriving in silence. By accepting our feelings and dropping the brave face, we increase our chances of seeking help. Share your shame with someone trustworthy, be it a close friend, family member, or professional who offers unconditional positive regard. Empathy extinguishes shame.

Emotions first, story second

Prioritise experiencing your feelings over dissecting or repressing them. The first will be a somatic experience and the second cerebral. If we can let the feeling pass through our body, by acknowledging and expressing/releasing it, we will be less likely to create a painful story that keeps it trapped in our mind.

Ask for what you need

Recognizing and expressing our needs can be challenging, but it empowers our support systems to be there for us. By asking for what we need, we give ourselves permission to receive the help we deserve. Begin by making small requests to friends or family, or seek assistance from professionals to build confidence in asking for support.

Let them help

Be open to accepting help. It takes courage to seek and receive assistance, and we're here to support you in that. Most people feel good when they help others, especially if the recipient expresses gratitude. This is community care and it builds safer environments for all.

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