Help us build a mentally healthier world.

Every dollar raised goes toward funding our education content, community campaigns and stigma reduction initiatives.

Are you a registered charity?

Yes! We are a not-for-profit registered charity with DGR1 status based in Australia. Check out our registration certificate here.

What will my donation fund?

Running an organisation takes a lot of resources to make it successful. Especially in the mental health space due to the time, energy and care it requires.

If you take a look around our website you will see the various initiatives which are entirely free for the community. These have taken years to build, and a village of people to maintain.

Donations help us create and grow these offerings. It also helps to cover operational overhead costs like staff, marketing, administration, etc. that all require investment to be done well.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! We have Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR1) status – which means you can claim the donation as a an expense against your income. After you make a donation, we send you a receipt for reference to provide to the tax office.

If you live outside of Australia, seek financial advice to check if it is tax deductible in your region.


Does your organisation want to contribute toward our cultural mission of making emotional authenticity part of everyday communication? Official partners are critical to our ability to fulfil our long-term strategic vision.

To express your interest in partnering with Heart On My Sleeve, please enquire through our online contact form.

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