A woman sits on a couch looking thoughtful
A woman sits on a couch looking thoughtful

Thoughts and feelings as warning signs

Thoughts and feelings as warning signs

We've got an episode in our free training series about this, but here's a reminder about some feelings that crop up when we're not doing so well.

As always, we have to be conscious that these are all human experiences, and the important metric is intensity and duration.

How long has it been happening? How deeply is it impacting my life? Is this out of character for me?

1. Emptiness – when nothing can fill me up because I feel I am lacking the thing I truly desire.

2. Worthlessness –when I feel like there is something wrong with who I am. That I have no value, purpose or nothing to contribute.

3. Hopelessness – I'm feeling defeated and not capable of making any progress.

4. Energy/motivation changes – abrupt changes in energy, being low one minute and manic the next.

5. Lack of joy/pleasure in everyday activities – things that used to be fun aren’t anymore.

6. On edge/tense/unable to relax – there is a sense of buzzing internally, and externally there may be twitches or tics.

7. Low concentration – often because I am being distracted by fear or pain.

8. Panic & extreme physical sensations – like dizziness, nausea, breathing quickly, numbness.

9. Persistent & excessive worry – going back over conversations, ruminating, judging myself, thinking “why did I say that?”

10. Suicidal ideation – thinking about ending my life.

If you ever notice these in yourself (or someone else) and it lasts longer or hits harder than you can handle, it's time to say "I'm not ok" and seek help. Head to our training section to find the skills that will help you do that with confidence.