“This would have to be the most terrifying post I've ever made on social media but after seeing the Heart On My Sleeve Movement I knew it was time to speak out and share my story. Since I can first remember I felt like something wasn't quite right. I was born with a mental health issue and struggled through all of school with an ongoing battle in my mind. After being misdiagnosed for years, I was finally diagnosed properly 3 years ago and put on medication straight away. Since that day my entire life changed and my family often describe it as meeting the real Anastasia for the first time. I'm fortunate enough to have great support from my family and close friends who let me speak freely about the issues I face. I'm in such a better place but still see days where I struggle from time to time. There is no shame with having a mental health issue and it should never be seen as a weakness. The strongest of people come from this as they face challenges that are out of their control on a daily basis. I urge anyone who sees someone struggling to reach out and provide support as you could be a part of changing their life.”