My journey with mental health started with a stress disorder (which caused me to pull out a lot of my hair) after a mountain bike accident, which I struggled with for years before receiving help. I also fell into the world of party drugs and had a horrifying reaction to a drug, then started to experience increasing anxiety attacks. I put a stop to drugs immediately, and still experiencing anxiety attacks, moved to Tasmania to be with my family. Not long after moving, I ended up in hospital having the worst anxiety attack I've ever experienced. For the next few weeks, for no rational reasons, I was scared to shower and use the bathroom, I couldn't eat, I didn't listen to any music (which is a huge deal for me) I didn't exercise, I pulled my hair out without even realising, and I couldn't sleep. I was in a deep, deep scary hole feeling anxious about anything. After being put on antidepressants and having a wonderful psychologist, I began to get better. It's been a long journey, and I have learned how to deal with anxiety when it comes my way. I couldn't be more thankful for my family, my friends and my psychologist for being my shoulders to cry on, and for just listening to me and supporting me, still to this day. You are not alone on your mental health journey, remember that!