4 years ago was a changing point in my life. I was so unclear in my thoughts, I felt like my brain was in a big knot and I had no idea how to make myself happy. I decided to get professional help from a therapist. It was the hardest and the best thing I have ever done. Each session made me realise my fears so I could deal with them. Each session lead me to having confronting conversations which needed to happen. Each session made me think about what I want and what makes me happy. My mind knew what I needed to do, but I needed help revealing that. I found thoughts in my brain that I didn't know existed. Each session untangled that knot but by bit until I was able to think clearly again. Speaking to someone professional changed my life! Now when I feel down/ have problems I speak to people I love and that helps me just as much.

Your mind knows what you want and what will make you happy, all you need to do is listen, feel and be honest with yourself and your thoughts.

My story isn't of a big long battle with mental health, however if I hadn't spoke up and reached out for help when I did things could be very different. We say it's ok to talk about mental health but I know personally, when I'm feeling down is the time that I am the quietest and draw into myself the most. The heart on my sleeve movement is doing amazing work to get everyone to talk about their own story with mental health, we all have a story, some more severe than others but these feelings are normal and we need to talk about them! Share your story - no matter how big or small