I've lived with bipolar disorder for almost ten years. My life has felt pretty much like a rollercoaster ride up until now. The depressive episodes are often very crippling and agonising and I feel like I'm not even alive during them, just barely existing. Hypomanic episodes on the other hand are nerve-wracking, I feel irritated and anxious all the time, and I feel like I can't concentrate on anything. This illness has had a very negative effect on my graphic designer career and also health. It has also made me question my purpose in life a couple of times and what's the point to continue living. Despite all of this, I have always refused to become a victim, because that gets you nowhere. I have always wanted to become a successful artist. That has always been my dream. So lately I shifted my perspective and thought: I want to take advantage of my situation, and make my illness work for me, use it as fuel for my art in order to help other people with mental illnesses and raise awareness. I want to be the voice for those who feel they need to hide, for those who think their opinion doesn't matter, for those who are afraid or don't have the strength to speak up. I want to inspire others with my art. It want someone to look at me someday and say "because of you, I didn't give up."