“I was brought up in a country where you have to be a survivor in order to live. Battling with depression, PTSD, anxiety and eating disorder, I realized that sometimes you have to be weak in order to be human.

I took mental illness and framed it in my art. Using bricks of my mistakes I built a wall of wisdom, so other people can feel safe behind it. I learnt great deal about part of me I did not like, and became that person who said: 'There's hope, and I believe in you'.

I discovered strength and equipped myself with strategies. Today I release my darkness by putting words into a sentence. I became an author because I let myself be weak and seek help, but strong enough to open a conversation. Living with mental illness means you have to fight stigma every day. Because when you are honest you are being judged by those who pretend.

That's why today I'm wearing a #HeartOnMySleeve. To reassure those who are struggling that mental illness does not define who you are. You do.”